Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board John R. Scheuber
President/CEO Brad Gohr
Vice President Dennis Anderson
Secretary/Treasurer Loyal Burns
Steven Gardner

VSI is very proud to be involved in the ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), providing its employees the opportunity to become owners/partners in the growth of this company. Currently a member of the ESOP Association, VSI continues to look for new opportunities to help expand and strengthen its company for the benefit of VSI employees.

Veterinary Service, Inc. is a member of the Dunn & Bradstreet Corporation(#02-869-1988)


VSI was incorporated on February 5, 1960. This was the result of a relationship which existed between Willis D. Woodward, DVM, and Donald W. Rosenberg, DVM, in a joint practice, and with Frank G. Sweetman, a former sales representative for Van Waters and Rogers.

They formed VSI in order to take advantage of the opportunity to sell poultry related health products to a broader customer base. Subsequently, John E. Pugliese, while working for Merck, saw the VSI potential and joined them in 1962.

Over the years, VSI management saw various opportunities to expand into many diverse areas. Today, the company that started as primarily a poultry distributor now offers a broad line of products to over 3000 customers. These include those in the beef, dairy, and poultry business, as well as feed supply and pet stores.

The company has grown slowly and steadily from a poultry specialist, to a poultry, dairy, cattle, feed supply and pet wholesale distributor. The chart below reflects our customer sales breakdown.